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Consultation to Client - Studio or Zoom - Date TBA - PMA CEC’s given

If you are a studio owner or a Pilates teacher, this workshop is for you! When a new client comes to you for the first time, how do you turn them into a life long client?
We have a 5 step process to teach you “how to do a successful consultation”. During the workshop you will learn:
  1. What needs to be on your intake form?
  2. Assessing injuries and fitness level.
  3. What are their goals and expectations?
  4. Personality of client – How do you know what teacher to assign?
  5. What do do with them the first hour session?
Most importantly, after session ends how to determine if they are a good fit for you or your studio and if they are, how to close with a sale.


We rent studio time for certified Pilates teachers and or movement specialists. You must first have liability insurance and add us
as an additional insured before booking. Call the studio for more details.
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We are always looking for certified mat or comprehensive Pilates teachers. If you are a teacher who loves Pilates and wants to share your knowledge, give 
us a call or email for more information.