• Increases Awareness - Body/Mind Connection
  • Improves Posture
  • Increases Energy
  • Creates Strength Without Bulk
  • Whole-Body Fitness

SoBe Pilates is a fitness studio dedicated to a healthier lifestyle through exercise. The studio is located at 950 Arthur Godfrey Rd, in Miami Beach, Florida. Unlike most Pilates studios, we offer a wide variety of exercise choices. This gives our clients the ability to change their workout sessions and keep it fresh and interesting while at the same time showing results. SoBe Pilates is all about professionalism and choice. We offer private Pilates reformer sessions, private pre and post natal Pilates, group Pilates reformer classes, group Pilates mat classes, group Pilates chair classes, Pilates reformer tower classes, Barre classes, Private Power Plate, Private Yoga classes, childrens classical ballet, childrens Yoga music classand a varaiety of floor classes thet we always keep fresh and challenging. SoBe Pilates has an educated and qualified team of instructors who have the knowledge and experience in their given method of training, professionalism and above all, the clients best interest is our motto.

  • Reformer Private
  • Reformer Duet
  • Power Plate Private
  • Circuit Training
  • Piloxing
  • Private Yoga
  • Pilates Reformer Classes
  • Pilates Chair
  • Pilates Tower
  • Barre Classes
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